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So far we cannot look back on a long and eventful past. But one thing is certain: We have big plans for cubeless. That is why we are recording our milestones here and share our story with you.

September 2022
CFOP, PLL, sculpted design, or overshooting don’t mean anything to you? Well, take a look at our speedcubing glossary! In the glossary, you will find a short (or slightly longer) explanation for many speedcubing terms. Also, this month we are even more full of sweetness because one of our newest assortment additions is the QiYi Warrior W 3x3 – Jelly. It is a novelty in our shop with its transparent, jelly-like colour! 🍭

July 2021
cubeless is 1 year old! 🥳 During this first year, our product range doubled, and we already handled more than 7,000 orders.

April 2021
Speed cubes by the YJ are added to our assortment. In addition, we also published our first newsletter this month. Scroll down to the footer and sign up 😃

February 2021
Our product range is growing: Since the start of cubeless, we added, among other things, 12 of the most popular speed cubes currently on the market to our online shop. The purchasing department continues to push ahead with expanding our merchandise. 💪
Another milestone: Already 500 of you follow our Instagram account - Thank you! ❤️

January 2021
For the first time, we exceed 50 orders in one day. Our goal: A three-digit order count per day by the end of 2021.

November 2020
You can now view all of our content in English.

July 2020
cubeless.ch launches with 40 products! 🔥 And you can also find us on Instagram and Facebook.