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Speed cube manufacturer: DaYan

DaYan is a Chinese speed cube brand. The company is one of the oldest manufacturers of speed cubes. The name DaYan comes from the Chinese term "大烟头" (Da Yan Tou) and refers to a wild goose. This is also reflected in the brand logo with the last syllable "头". This character is reminiscent of a flying goose and can be translated as 'head' or 'first'.
The first twisty puzzle released by DaYan had the name ‘Dayan Taiyan’ and was a 3x3 speed cube. However, DaYan gained recognition with the original DaYan Zhanchi series and especially with the DaYan GuHong V4 3x3 cube which is very popular among speedcubers. This cube is known for its great reverse corner cutting.

In 2011, it was impossible to imagine any speedcubing competition without DaYan cubes. But, by 2014, they had been replaced in tournaments by cubes from other brands. Nonetheless, DaYan still brings very good speed cubes onto the market which continue to positively surprise speedcubers.

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